Dental Health

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The importance of good dental hygiene in humans is widely reported but, when it comes to pets, pet owners are often unaware that they can help to prevent problems before they develop. Bad breath in our pets is not pleasant. For many owners, this is the first sign that there might be a problem in

Laser therapy Special Offer

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20% off your pets first laser therapy treatment with our Head Nurse Sian on Tuesdays or Thursdays at our Storrington branch. Laser therapy is great for Arthritic patients, it works by improving cell function and reducing inflammation, providing pain relief for your pet. One of our Veterinary Surgeons will need to authorise the treatment so

LASER Therapy

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Sometimes called cold laser, or Class IV laser therapy, our state of the art system uses laser light at specific wavelengths to treat such wide-ranging conditions as arthritis, muscle and tendon injuries and wound healing. Because the light penetrates fur, skin and subcutaneous tissues well, there is no need to clip the fur, and so

Laparoscopic surgery

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Most people are now familiar with the concept of ‘keyhole’ surgery: the use of telescopically guided instrumentation to perform surgery through very small holes. Laparoscopic surgery has become the ‘industry standard’ for human surgery, as it reduces length of hospital stay, allows an earlier return to function and creates a much smaller (and less painful)

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