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Crossways Veterinary Group has three locations in West Sussex. Each location is staffed with a professional team of vets, nurses and a fully-trained support team. When you visit any of our practices, your pet’s welfare is always our number one priority.

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Kennel Facilities

Our large kennel room is at the heart of the practice. There are spacious and comfortable kennels to accommodate up to 8 cats and 6-9 dogs depending on how big they are!

We also have a large ‘conservatory’ kennel in the room immediately adjacent to the main kennel room, which we use for extra-large dogs and animals that benefit from being away from the other inpatients (for example animals that have been having seizures or those that are particularly anxious).

Could my pet catch an infection from another pet staying with you?2017-06-05T11:59:09+00:00

This is of huge importance to Crossways, so we have isolation facilities for animals who we are concerned may pose an infection risk. We do absolutely everything in our power to avoid one pet infecting another, yet all the while keeping every pet as comfortable as possible.

Can I visit my pet while they’re staying with you?2017-06-05T11:55:05+00:00
The kennel room can be a busy place, particularly in the mornings when animals are coming and going from theatre.
Therefore, if your animal is in hospital and you would like to visit, we would love to have you, but please discuss a suitable time with our nurses first.
Will my pet be kept comfortable?2017-06-05T11:47:08+00:00

There is air conditioning and central heating in the kennel room, meaning your pet can rest in a comfortable temperature year-round.

Theatre and Anaesthetic Facilities

Our theatre is where we carry out surgery. Any anaesthetic or surgery comes with an element of risk; however, we try to minimise this risk as much as possible by using the latest equipment and maintaining an impeccable environment.

Of course, it’s great to have excellent facilities but the most important thing remains the skill and expertise of our vets and nurses. At Crossways Veterinary Group, we employ enough nurses to make sure that every animal undergoing an anaesthetic or operation has a dedicated nurse to monitor them one-to-one during their procedure. We have a highly skilled team of vets, meaning we are able to offer a wide range of surgical procedures, including many that other practices would have to refer.

  • Gaseous isofluorane anaesthesia: considered the safest kind of anaesthesia; the same as that used in human hospitals.
  • High-power surgical light to allow our veterinary surgeons to see as well as possible.
  • Modern, well-maintained surgical instruments for optimum accuracy and gentle tissue handling.
  • The newest, most advanced suture materials to minimise skin reactions. This allows us to use buried stitches, which are more comfortable for your pet do not need to be removed post-op.
  • Emergency drugs box containing drugs like adrenaline: thankfully not needed very often but important to have ready.
  • Surgical suction unit: particularly useful if a patient is bleeding internally.
  • Bipolar electrocautery to manage bleeding during surgery quickly, safely and effectively.
  • Digital capnograph and pulse oximeter, which measures your pet’s levels of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, allowing us to keep them stable during anaesthesia.
  • Advanced orthopaedic kits such as the total hip replacement kit shown above. We also have a full AO/ASIF kit for repairing fractured bones and an air-powered drill for orthopaedic and spinal surgery.
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Imaging Facilities

Digital X-ray

Swapping from manual to digital x-ray a few years ago has dramatically improved the service we can offer our clients and their pets; it provides superior images almost instantly and allows them to be displayed on any computer in the practice (including at branches), making it easy for us to discuss your pet’s x-rays with you.

Digital x-rays are easily shared with specialists should your pet require referral for a complex problem.


Using our ultrasound (with Colour Flow Doppler) equipment is another method of looking for internal problems and abnormalities. It is particularly useful for assessing pregnancy, abdominal disease and heart problems.

It is also useful for taking guided biopsies and carrying out guided fluid drainage. All of our vets are able to carry out ultrasound scans, for example to help assess emergencies.

If you have questions, would like to arrange an appointment or simply get to know us a little better, please contact us.

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Crossways Veterinary Group offers 3 convenient locations within West Sussex.

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