LASER Therapy

Sometimes called cold laser, or Class IV laser therapy, our state of the art system uses laser light at specific wavelengths to treat such wide-ranging conditions as arthritis, muscle and tendon injuries and wound healing.

Because the light penetrates fur, skin and subcutaneous tissues well, there is no need to clip the fur, and so it is a truly non-invasive treatment method.

Depending on the condition your pet is suffering from, we may recommend a single treatment or a course of between 2 and 5 sessions. For example, to help with wound healing and pain relief post-operatively, we may use laser immediately after surgery, while your pet is awakening from the anaesthetic. For treatment of chronic conditions, we will usually recommend 1 or 2 treatments per week for two to three weeks. These will usually be carried out by our nurses in one of the consultation rooms. There is no need for sedation, and the owner is usually encouraged to remain whilst the treatment is carried out (on a comfortable mat!).

There are no side effects from laser therapy, and many owners find that their pets will be more mobile – perhaps able to jump into the car again, or else more willing to play. They will often be able to reduce the levels of other arthritis medication after laser therapy.

The number of conditions that laser therapy has been shown to be effective for is constantly increasing: if the vet doesn’t mention laser therapy for your pet, just ask: it may help!

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