Animal companionship is an integral part of life in the UK, with the PDSA Paw Report 2017 recording that 51% of households now own a pet.

Many pet owners see their pets as a valued member of the family and simply enjoy the unconditional love that pets bring all year round.

For the love of the pet is what gets us up in the cold mornings to walk the dog or feed the cat. The joy of companionship is given without restraint from our pets and helps to keep us happy.  The excited face of a non-judgemental pet can help the stresses of a bad day melt away.   The love for a pet can help teach responsibility to children and that unconditional love in return is one of a best friend.

Show your love

Pets make us laugh, keep us company and can even improve our physical health and wellbeing; helping to lower blood pressure and relieve stress. But, as with any successful relationship, love is a two-way street and keeping pets happy and healthy is, without a doubt, the best way to show them love.

The importance of playtime

Just like humans, pets need mental stimulation and exercise. Playing with pets is a great way to achieve both at once, whilst strengthening the bond between pet owner and pet. Playtime doesn’t need to involve buying mountains of expensive toys, undivided attention will be enough to get tails wagging as social interaction is very important, especially for rabbits, who should never be kept alone.

Tip top health

Keeping up to date with vaccinations and parasite treatment will help to keep pets in good shape, whilst regular health checks with a vet are an opportunity to identify potential issues before they become a problem, such as maintaining a healthy weight.

Love their waistline (and yours) with more exercise and fewer treats

Obesity is a welfare problem for our pets and can lead to real health problems.  Keeping them at the correct weight with an appropriate diet and plenty of exercise will keep them healthier for longer and the extra walks will help you too.